University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Union

May 29-30, 2024

12-5PM CST (5PM - 10PM UTC)

Instructors: Caughlin Bohn

Helpers: Ashton Graves, Sam Albin, Natasha Pavlovikj, Showmic Islam, Tom Harvill

General Information

The Carpentries project comprises the Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, and Library Carpentry communities of Instructors, Trainers, Maintainers, helpers, and supporters who share a mission to teach foundational computational and data science skills to researchers.

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This is a pilot workshop, testing out a lesson that is still under development. The lesson authors would appreciate any feedback you can give them about the lesson content and suggestions for how it could be further improved.

Where: Prairie Suite, UNL East Campus Unoin, 1705 Arbor Dr, Lincoln, NE 68503. Get directions with OpenStreetMap or Google Maps.

When: May 29-30, 2024. Add to your Google Calendar.

Cost: FREE!!!

Requirements: Participants must bring a laptop with a Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system (not a tablet, Chromebook, etc.) with an up-to-date web-browser. They should have a few specific software packages installed (listed below).

Accessibility: We are committed to making this workshop accessible to everybody. For workshops at a physical location, the workshop organizers have checked that:

Materials will be provided in advance of the workshop and large-print handouts are available if needed by notifying the organizers in advance. If we can help making learning easier for you (e.g. sign-language interpreters, lactation facilities) please get in touch (using contact details below) and we will attempt to provide them.

Contact: Please email for more information.

Roles: To learn more about the roles at the workshop (who will be doing what), refer to our Workshop FAQ.

Code of Conduct

Everyone who participates in Carpentries activities is required to conform to the Code of Conduct. This document also outlines how to report an incident if needed.


This workshop is teaching a lesson in The Carpentries Incubator. Please check the schedule below for a list of lesson sections and estimated timings.

Day 1

Before Pre-workshop survey
12:00 Connecting and Setup
12:30 Introduction to Docker
14:00 Break
14:20 Introduction to Docker
14:30 Afternoon break
15:00 Introduction to Apptainer (Continued)
16:30 Wrap-up
16:45 END

Day 2

12:00 Connecting and Setup
12:30 Introduction to Apptainer (Continued)
14:00 Break
14:20 Introduction to Apptainer (Continued)
14:30 Afternoon break
15:00 Introduction to Apptainer (Continued)
16:30 Wrap-up
16:45 END
The lesson taught in this workshop is being piloted and a precise schedule is yet to be established. The workshop will include regular breaks. Please Contact the workshop organisers if you would like more information about the planned schedule.


To participate in this workshop, you will need a laptop with up-to-date web browser.